Monday, December 15, 2008

Guitar Hero AND Nintendo DS Lite!

So I need to get into my private life here for a moment.  I'm a Christmas baby (born four days before).  Because of that, my mother has always tried to do something nice for me the week before my birthday.  When you're born so close to the holidays, your birthday can kind of get lost in the shuffle.

Yesterday she had my husband and I over to celebrate my birthday.  I feel so spoiled this year.  Not only did she get me the entire Guitar Hero game pack for my PS2, but she also got me a Nintendo DS Lite, along with a game for the DS Lite!  

I should probably mention that I am turning 33 this year, however, I've always been a gamer.  My dad had me playing Atari before I was even in kindergarten.  I felt like a kid yesterday though.  How many 33-year-olds can say that they left their mother's house with a car full of games?

I feel like I'm on information overload.  I know I need to get some writing done today, but my mind is on the games sitting in my living room.  I did play Guitar Hero for a bit last night, but I haven't gotten to the DS Lite yet.  I have a feeling I'm going to be the complete opposite of productive this week. 

After I've played around with both for a good amount of time, I'll post back here and let you all know what I think.  

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